Blogging for Business

Starting a blog for your business, whether it is small or large, just starting out or well established, can be incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons.  Starting a blog for a new business that is just starting up is a powerful tool to finding prospective clients.  Some experts even suggest starting your blog before starting your business, so that your client list can build.  Six months to one year ahead of time is usually what is suggested.

Adding to that, blogging gives you the opportunity to present yourself as an expert, which is appealing to prospective clients.  A well-written and up to date blog can also provide a platform to set your business apart from others in your niche, which can attract even more clientele.

In any successful business, feedback from the customer is of the utmost importance.  A blog is an excellent way to receive feedback from current customers, as well as get advice from prospective customers.  It really provides a platform to assess your businesses performance.  Blogging can also provide a platform for assessing your businesses market needs, which can allow amazing growth, in turn making your business more profitable.

Whether your business is one, five or 15 years old, the basic rule with having a business blog is to keep it updated regularly.  Keeping an updated blog has many benefits.  First of all, customers appreciate uniformity.  If your new blog posts come out on Tuesdays and Fridays, a customer can look forward to it; this can generate more interest in your company.  Also, keeping your blog up to date has SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, benefits as well.

Google loves fresh content, so an up to date blog always receives a higher ranking than one that doesn’t get updated regularly.  That is, of course, as long as the content is of high quality.  Your business is more visible when your blog is ranked higher with Google, which means that more and more people (prospective clients) are consistently looking at your website.  A high Google rank can also lead to advertising opportunities, which can prove to be profitable.

Business blogs can be used as a communication tool.  Blogging can open up new opportunities to communicate with your customers.  Opening up commenting options within your blog will encourage customers to comment about their feelings and ideas of your company, which can help it grow.  It not only strengthens your relationship with the customer, but it also gives the opportunity for constructive criticism, which can be healthy for all businesses.

More communication availability also puts trust in your company from the viewpoint of your customers, which can generate more customers overall, as well as loyal customers in the future.  So a blog can be beneficial for all types of businesses as long as it is maintained and contains content relevant to your users.

This guest post was written by Roxi B, a business blogger. She works for who offer tips for anyone looking to start their own business and are looking for advice on anything from how to write a great business plan to what credit options are available.

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