Make the Most of Your Blogging

Blogging is very popular these days, and it sometimes seems as if every person and business on the planet has a blog. With all the competition out there, how can you really stand out and gain a widespread following? You have to use all your available resources. This includes social media outlets. Social media outlets are evolving every day, and are an integral part of people’s online experience. You can use social media outlets to have your blog reach more people than you had ever imagined. And it’s easy to do. Let’s take a look at some ways that can help.

Social Media Outlets That Can Take Your Blogging to the Next Level

1. Twitter

Twitter is a great way to promote your blog. You can follow people that share your interests, and have them follow you and your blog. Every time you have a new entry, it only takes seconds to let your Twitter followers know that your blog is updated, and you can even give them a direct link.

2. Facebook

Facebook may be the most popular social media site around today. It’s also a great tool for promoting your blog. Like Twitter, you can find a lot of friends who share similar interests to follow your blog, and keep them updated with status updates on any news pertaining to your blog. There is also a real time chat application, which will allow you to make a more personal and lasting bond with your readers.

3. YouTube

Blogging can be more than simply typing out words these days. Many people have video blogs, where they look into the camera and talk directly to their viewers. While you may not want to regularly do video blog entries, doing one once in a while can really add some energy to your blog and allow your followers to have a more personal connection with you. YouTube will let you host your videos there, and has millions of users who may see your videos and links to your blog.

4. BlogTalkRadio

People are also making full use of audio these days when promoting their blogs. Host a weekly or monthly radio show to discuss your blog topics and have a call-in number so your readers and listeners can chat with you one on one. Radio shows bring a whole new level of fun to you and your followers, and break up the monotony of daily regular written blog entries. BlogTalkRadio is a popular media outlet that will provide you with a radio show.

Blogging can often feel like a lonely activity, especially when you don’t have many people reading your blog. This is one of the reasons it is so important to have a large amount of people following your blog. It will make you feel more appreciated. It will also keep you on track, making frequent entries and searching for great new material. Your blogging will actually have meaning to others besides yourself.

So if you are struggling for readers, or just want to add to your already impressive number of followers, be sure to use every available resource, including popular social media outlets. You’ll be glad you did. For those who have already been using different social media to promote your blogs, I would love to read about your experiences in the comments section.

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