Nice post on some blogging tools

Just found this nice post on blogging tools with tips well worth a look. I am particularly interested in blog curation tools at the moment; let us know if you especially like any of these tools 🙂

Blogging for Traffic

The origins of the internet have always been based on research.  People have typically seen its highest and best use as finding information.   In some cases, that information was for work and vocation related purposes; but as the internet has aged, the purpose has shifted to a balance of business and personal concerns.  The fact that … Read more

Blogging for Business

Starting a blog for your business, whether it is small or large, just starting out or well established, can be incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons.  Starting a blog for a new business that is just starting up is a powerful tool to finding prospective clients.  Some experts even suggest starting your blog before … Read more